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Just as they who have seen Athens understand the Greek histories better; and they who have sailed from Troy through Leucate, and from Acroceraunia to Sicily, and from there to the mouth of the Tiber understand the third book of Virgil, so also he who has contemplated Judea with his own eyes and knows the sites of ancient cities, and knows the names of the places, whether the same or changed, will understand Scripture more lucidly.    – St. Jerome's Preface to Chronicles (LXX)

Alan Rumsey notes the centrality of landscape to both myth and history in Aboriginal Australia and shows that landscape is the main locus of social memory, with both myth and history inscribed in the landscape.    – Gosden, C., and Gary Lock. “Prehistoric Histories."

Space is becoming crucial in the understanding of the unfolding of human affairs. Not in the trivial sense that everything occurs in space, but because where events unfold, how space takes shape, the relationship between identity and space, and the role of human beings in the production of space are more and more impor- tant. Space is no longer thought of as a passive participant, but an active one...”                 

         - Schreiner, Patrick. “Space, Place and Biblical Studies: "A Survey of Recent Research in Light of

           Developing Trends.” Currents in Biblical Research 14, no. 3 (2016): 340–71. link